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Why FitMob?

Listen to engaging story..

Running doesn’t have to be boring

..while doing sports..

Track running or cycling

..and track stats

Target calories burn, distance or time

You can do it alone..

Hop into audio story

..or compete with friends.

Challenge their limits

Reach your sport goal

and have fun in the meantime!

So.. do you want to play a game?

We were mentioned as one of the Most Relaxing Games To Play On Your iOS Devices in the article created by GamesKeys 😮

How It Works?

Go outside

Download app, take your headphones and go outside

Start mission

Open story mode and start mission. Put your headphones on.


Follow the story and commands during your activity

Good luck!

Level up in Fit Mafia family

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We proudly state, that our mafia family, together..



Piotr Adamczak
Natalia Osiecka

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