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  • What does FitMob do?

    FitMob adds an extra layer of fun to your outdoor activity.
    In story mode you will be able to participate in 10 missions. Mission will not start playing until you move. Really move!
    By completing missions you are going deeper and deeper into our Mafia world. Fight between Coriddori and Pigro family..
    Want know more? Check out story mode!
  • How can I unlock missions?

    Each mission require one item that you will use during story. You can buy items for FitCoins.
  • How can I get a FitCoins?

    You have three ways to get FitCoins.

    • Earn FitCoins in "FitCoins Mission"

    • Earn FitCoins by winning challenge

    • Buy them over In-App Purchase
  • How can I invite someone to friends?

    Check out "My Mafia" option in menu.
    There will be an "Friends" section at bottom right.
  • How can I start challenge?

    In main menu there is "Challenges" option.
    Tap on "+" sign or "Create new Challenge".
    Pick your opponent and your goal. You can start challenge now!
    Remember that each challenge will take a one week ;)
  • What Story mode is?

    Story mode is one of most interesting part of FitMob.
    It give you an access to audio story splitted into 10 missions.
    App will guide you what to do during mission.
    But overall there is one rule - you must move outdoor to complete mission.
    By completing mission you gain respect - It will be helpful in challenges and in future.
  • What FitCoins Mission is?

    FitCoins Mission are kind of a free run version.
    Basically you are rewarded with FitCoins for running/cycling.
    Longer you move - more you earn ;)
  • How FitMob is calculating calories?

    FitMob uses simple formula to calculate calories.
    Calorie(Kcal) = BMR X Mets/24 X hour
    BMR Calculation is done using formula described here
    METS are based on values from Compendium of Physical Activities
    Those equations are using your weight, height and age.
    That's why it is so important to keep those values up to date.
    Otherwise calories calculator won't be accurate.